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When you work with the Epoxy Guy expect to be treated like family. We view ourselves as partners in helping you achieve the house of your dreams. With the Epoxy Guy, long gone are the days of paying for dis-satisfactory or poorly completed projects. We ensure the highest quality work with perfect finish.
If you are looking for a second or third opinion on a quote for your home remodel, give us a call and we promise an honest opinion. We take great pride in our work and offer fair prices. As part of a large network of construction professionals in the Bay Area we can provided bundled prices for any of your other projects. Give us a call today to learn what we can do for you!
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Work with our consultants to get a durable, strong and UV resistant floor with the features your project requires

Get a floor with the right capabilities

Easy to clean

Green Building

UV Resistant

High Traffic Tolerant

Chemical Resistant

Scratch Resistant


USDA, FDA, EPA, and VOC compliant

Reall all about epoxy flooring

This is our process

To get a stronger, cleaner and durable floor for any kind of project

Site visit and requirements checklist


Flooring project price and time estimation


Floor preparation for coating or polishing


Epoxy mixing according to project requirements


Flakes, anti-slip, single-color or metallic finish


Floor cleaning and end of the flooring project

Our clients love their floors